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A chance meeting with a Dutch man, and woman, in Gonder Ethiopia, in 1998, and their estranged companion, 12-year-old Fikir Getahun, of Lalibela, ended with the opening of Fikir and Ray Lodge in October, of 2019.
Fikir, or ‘Six Fingers’ to his friends (due to a sixth digit) held everyone in the ‘Light of the Trinity Church’ in awe, that day, by his unabashed enthusiasm, exceptional speaking skills, and knowledge of Ethiopian history. The youngster, destined to return to his hometown, myself as chaperon, two days of meeting him.
The talented young fellow, who inspired me, tragically, never surviving the completion of the lodge, now bearing his name. Fikir Getahun Besabih, sadly passed from us, in October, of 2011.
Abebe Getahun, Fikir’s younger brother eventually completed the lodge in his older brother’s honour, to replace a grinding poverty, and hopelessness, the blight of so many Lalibela families.
We are hopeful, that the kindness, and sensitivity, shown by this remarkable young man, will be a source of inspiration for all his friends, his many admirers, and people of Lalibela.
Something awesome this way comes. Stay tuned!
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